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OGI – The Dragon of Fire – preface and summary of contents – for literary agents and publishers

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Auggie – Fire Dragon

© Text – Margarita Yordanova Dyulgerova

© Artist-illustrator – Nevena Koleva Koleva

Development of thinking skills


The series about Auggie – Fire Dragon develops the children’s thinking skills of children from 7 to 11 years of age.

Fairytale and mythological characters embody different ways of thinking and reaching new creative solutions to overcome the problems faced by modern children:

overcoming fear,

– awareness of the need to independently think, fight, decide your fate, judge enemies and win over friends;

– Truth and Falsehood

– the many faces of advertising and the danger of abusing it,

– search for your SELF,

– The right and risk of being different


– survival – but at what cost

– power and blind faith in its power and infallibility,

– the relationship between all life, between living and inanimate nature,

– Nature conservation

– Friendship.

Each of the characters uses the tools to think in his own specific way, characteristic of his team and marked with one of the colors of the “six thinking hats”1.

In order to win, the reader must learn to use the reference apparatus of the book. It is always crucial to apply his knowledge (from folklore and mythology, for example) to defeat or protect those he loves.

Stories are dominated by environmental themes. The child’s ability to independently think and take responsibility for his decisions and actions, to overcome his fears is formed.

Leitmotif in the series is the thought that you can always turn defeat into victory if you learn something new and if you can use it at the right time.

In short, here’s what happens in:

1. “Auggie and the Lamia”

Thinking Tool – WMF – Physical Parts, Mental Parts

The puppy Dan and the crow Ohie find a crystal egg from which Auggie hatches. Its guardian and teacher is the magic magnifying glass – Mademoiselle Fu. The Lamia is chasing him. Her magical eye awakens the fears of everyone in the Valley. To save their new friend, the Fire Dragon, they must overcome their fears. The old crow Oh manages to reverse the direction of magic – the Lamia, chased by her fears, runs away, seeks salvation away from them.

2. “Auggie and the Hail”

Thinking tool PMI – plus, minus, interesting


The hail is attacking. Everyone in the Valley helps Kartala – the father of eaglets to protect his family. They manage to hide Auggie and the eaglets from the second attack of the Hail.

But the Lamia sends a black hail. The Wizard—the old raven Oh and the Kartal with cunning, magic, and courage lure the Black Hail—it falls over the factory that pollutes the air, turning it into an enchanted tower of black ice.

3.”Auggie and Doug”

Thinking Tool RaP – Differences, Similarities

In the lake of trout, an unknown creepy creature appears. Auggie’s friends argue about whether it is a fish or a dragon. They decide that it is the dragon who will protect them from the Hail. They begin to feed and water him to appease him, begging him to protect them. They call him Doug. Doug grows.

The students of the College of Guiding Worms – under the bark of the Vemura – also grow. She hopes in vain that beautiful butterflies will hatch from them. Disappointment, their gluttony and malice take away her strength. Magic allows the characters to turn back time, if they understand how dangerous it is, someone else to think and decide for them.

It turns out that Doug’s genes have been altered in a mysterious laboratory to re-create an ancient species of rainbow trout. Doug becomes part of the Auggie team. He learned how to fight, became the leader of the dragon militia. They all drive away the Hail and the Lamia.

4. “Auggie and the Ball Lightning”

Thinking tool NI-SI – available information, hidden information

What is the secret of strange ball lightning? Who are the White and Black Ball Lightnings chasing? Auggie the team tries to trick them and imprison them in the cave. But I think Black Lightning wants just that. What happens to the small drop of water in the land of the Hrimturs? Avi decides that until they cause the lightning, they won’t learn anything about them. He jumps in front of the Black Lightning and both disappear – they travel through space and time, dive into the Source of Life, see the creation of our Universe.

The little pear Ollie bravely stands in front of his mother, the old pear Yoli, protecting her from the White Lightning that seems to be looking for Auggie.


But it turns out that she will not harm the Fire Dragon – she brings him the love of his parents from the Fire Universe.

Who is the strange professor Holtz Kopf of Vermicayo Academy – honorary bribe-PR at Mentor College, image maker of Netfon? Why do trout sell their native lake? You’ll learn from Auggie and the Ball Lightning.

Holz Kopf – Deutsch – Wooden head – English – Wooden head – in Bulgarian Meaning: 1.Who has a slow-moving mind; limited 2.Unsusceptible to impact, stubborn, stubborn

English – Vermicaio – in Italian it means “teeming with worms”

“Rushvet” is a Turkish word in the Bulgarian language, expressing contempt and disapproval.

5. “Oggy and the Drought”

Thinking tool – NSA – intentions, tasks, goals

Drought wanders through the Mountain and the Valley, brother kills for a drop of water. Even the ancient gods – Zeus, Perun, Tangra and Thor – had to bow their heads to the Drought.

The Lamia sent the beavers to build a structure to take the groundwaters of the mountain to the Divine bank of Zeus.

The Auggie team uses the magic of the Moonbeam to uncover the evil plans of the Lamia and her minions.

The whirlwind kidnaps the Otto Torrent, and then the red enchanter Ellie. Locust Skok scouts and manages to tell Wizard Oh the prediction of how they might drive away the enemies.

The green army of young trees and bushes is preparing for battle.

The little water drop Avi has become an ugly, fearsome Ice Giant. It is marred by the bad words and evil thoughts of the heroes. Auggie manages to defeat the magic and restore the true image of Avi.

Together, all the inhabitants of the Valley and the Mountain, together with the ancient heroes of mythology, managed to defeat the Drought and the Lamia.


6. „Оги и Халата“

6. “Auggie and the Halla

Thinking tool TCN – the point of view of others

The mother Eagle’s was injured while defending the fledgling eaglets from the Halla. The hunters want to shoot her. Herbalists and environmentalists are trying to cure it. Shepherds bring her food.

The Otto Torrent serves the Halla. While she stirs up creepy spells, he saves the snake Questionika.

The Lamia and the HoG worm want to exploit the centuries-old feud between the Halla and Kartala, but they fail. The Questionika Snake shows the Halla their true intentions and feelings. Raven Oh preserves and intensifies the magic of Questionika, gives HoG the opportunity to hear the thoughts of the Lamia, to understand that she despises him. The worm manages to derail the plans of the Lamia. Thanks to the spell discovered by the old raven Oh, the Auggie team defeats the Lamia again and drives her away again.

7. “Auggie and Gen”

Thinking tool FF – taking into account all factors

Who spreads bird flu?

Will the Watchful Eye Eagle survive?

Will the queen of the hrimturs help Kalin the Eagle?

Who’s Gen?

A terrible disease is raging among birds. No one knows why or how they got sick. The oggy team is investigating, trying to find a solution. Monkey Efu and the little pear Ollie manage to get into a lab, where they discover Gene, created by scientists to speed up healing.

They find out that someone has stolen an ampoule of this gene and changed it. They track the area where the disease spreads. They guess it coincided with the path of the magpie selling deodorants that she had taken from the HoG worm.

The eaglet – Watchful eye has become infected. The Halla, the Otto Torrent and the Questionika try to treat him. The oggy-team takes the other eaglet – Kalin to the castle of the chrimturs, so as not to get infected.


The Halla manages to stir up a potion with which everyone in the Valley is immunized.

Questionika’s magic reveals what the Lamia has done – she has hired scientists who have changed the gene – instead of healing – to make the birds sick. Kalin guesses that if he is immune, there are antibodies in his blood that can cure his brother – the Watchful Eye. With the help of Gen, scientists from the lab create a drug that saves birds.

8. “Auggie, Lim Poe and the Monster”

AVI Thinking Tool – Alternatives, Options, Choices

Why does the Monster want to destroy the Coral Reef?

Who’s Bépo? Friend or foe is the pearl clam Trida?

Will the watchful eye pluck out of its heart the thorn of envy? Will he support his brother, Kalin the Eagle?

Who are the wise sword bearerts? Why does their genus, Limulus Polyphemus, have blue blood?

Doug leads young trout across the ocean, teaching them how to survive. Then he searches for Lim Poe, the wisest Sword bearer. Kalin and the Watchful Eye want to embark with Auggie, Avi and Gen on a long and difficult journey. After the illness, the Watchful Eye is still weak, so it has to stay. The thorn of envy gnaws at his soul.

Gen’s Magic – Is It a Blessing or a Curse? During a terrible storm in the ocean, Kalin flies, but senses the thoughts, feelings, desires of his brother – the Watchful Eye and imagines that Kalin dies in the storm. This drains Kalin’s powers, but he concentrates, sends his brother his love and concern. That helps. The watchful eye joins his strength and love – Kalin reaches the eye of the storm, shelters in a cave on the atoll.

There, Gen, Auggie, Avi and Kalin meet the desert crab Beppo and Doug. They met the tridakna mussel – Trida, a friend of Beppo’s. But friend or foe is Beppo? As he races across the ocean hidden behind the propeller of a huge shark, someone grabs it and carries it high in the sky. Reads the thoughts and feelings of the desert crab. He threatens that if he does not bring him the pearl of fire and ice, it will destroy him and his beloved Trida. What will Beppo do?


What is the plan of the wise Lim Poe led the sword bearerts (Limulus Polifemus) from the bottom of the ocean and prehistoric times to space?

9. “Oggy and the Volcano”

Thinking Tool SIR – Effects and Results

Why is the volcano waking up? Who can lull Vulcans? How to get rid of the threat of Black Rock? Will the Auggie team cope with the trials in the Land of Words? Will Ogi’s friends be able to control the eruption of the Volcano: Avi, the rocks, the Hrimturs, the Old Wizard – the crow Oh and the Otto Torrent?

10. “Auggie and Geyser1”

Thinking Tool – VIP – Importance and Priorities

What did the Old Raven have in mind? Can it help what threatens us? What is most important at the moment? Will it be the most important tomorrow? What are the vortex prions? Where is the Universal Library? Why did the dinosaurs go extinct? Why did the Lamia enchant the rocks? Will the oggy team be able to save the Valley?

11. “Auggie and the Black Horde”

Thinking Tool – Random Word

Can enemies be turned into friends?

The five orphans – boars hide near the Geyser and grow quickly – become giant boars. They decide to fight – to enslave the lands near the mountain, to provide space. Prostor are also looking for the pedigree stallions from the desert, brought by the HoG worm, to entertain the rich tourists, fans of extreme sports. The giant boars, the black slim horses or the hordes of black flies – are they the fearsome “Black Horde”? Or the black thoughts, the black feelings that spring up in the souls of the inhabitants of the Valley?

12. “The Oggy Universe”

Thinking tool PO – provoking operation


The planets will soon line up as they do once every million years, but to master the full magical powers and skills of fire dragons, Auggie must fly to the asteroid that passes light-years from the solar system. How will the Auggie team cope with this new challenge?

The universe of friendship? Does it exist? How to protect it?

Author of the text – Margarita Yordanova Dyulgerova – I do not speak English. My email: is secure – it automatically spams ads and messages from dubious sources. I only open letters indicating the name of a literary agent or publishers about which there is official information on the Internet.

Please write, next to me and to the artist, if you are willing to risk – to translate and publish 500 pages of text by an unknown author.

In Bulgarian, the book is illustrated and prepared for monochrome printing by the artist Nevena Koleva. There are also twelve colorful illustrations of each of the adventures of the Fire Dragon.